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Is Occtoo a data layer?

Yes, to some extent Occtoo functions as a data layer (but with many more functions) when it comes to building digital customer experiences. We refer to it as a data activation layer since one function of Occtoo is to unlock data from backend systems, combine it and activate the assets in real-time in a frontend experience.

What's is the difference between Occtoo and an Integration Platform?

An Experience Data Platform specializes in unifying your data from backend systems and moves it vertically to a frontend experience, while an integration platform moves data horizontally between different backend systems.

Can you add/edit product data in Occtoo, or is it read only in Occtoo?

Yes and no. The primary purpose of Occtoo is to unlock and unify data from other systems and make it available for real-time consumption through easy-to-use APIs. We do have use cases where customers have created a lightweight app for this purpose.