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Product information

What are the main benefits of Occtoo?

The main benefit of Occtoo is that you can build digital experiences much faster, because you have instant access to your CX data and no longer need to build point-to-point integrations (yes, it’s true!). With Occtoo, digital teams have instant access to the data they need when they want to build a digital experience (from backend systems such as, PIM, ERP, CRM etc). This makes teams more autonomous and less reliant on tech resources, meaning they can spend more time being creative and innovate the customer experience instead of waiting for access to data from costly and lengthy integrations. For more reading, see 7 Major benefits of adding an Experience Data Platform to your CX stack.

What type of digital experiences do companies build using Occtoo?

You can build any type of digital experience application where you want to use data from several sources and/or have data to be scaled in real-time. Cartier built a mobile in store app to support their sales associates with instant access to product information, Nordic Nest has built a customer service app that combines data from 10-15 different backend systems so their team members can service customers faster. You can read more examples here.

Is Occtoo MACH certified?

Occtoo was actually one of the first 10 companies in the world to receive MACH certification from the MACH Alliance. Having a MACH certification means that your product is built using Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native and Headless technology. This is reassurance that our platform is highly scalable and future-proof.

Is Occtoo a data layer?

Yes, to some extent Occtoo functions as a data layer (but with many more functions) when it comes to building digital customer experiences. We refer to it as a data activation layer since one function of Occtoo is to unlock data from backend systems, combine it and activate the assets in real-time in a frontend experience.

What does your payment model look like? 

We are focused on offering as much value as we can to customers, and that includes our commercial model. We therefore offer a usage based payment model, meaning you only pay when, and how much, you use Occtoo. In addition our standard contracts are only three months. There are a few different options and prices differ based on the type of destination you buy. Please reach out and we will walk you through it. Contact

Can you add/edit product data in Occtoo, or is it read only in Occtoo?

Yes and no. The primary purpose of Occtoo is to unlock and unify data from other systems and make it available for real-time consumption through easy-to-use APIs. We do have use cases where customers have created a lightweight app for this purpose. See Occtoo use cases

What is an Experience Data Platform?

Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform. Read more about what this means.

What's is the difference between Occtoo and an Integration Platform?

An Experience Data Platform specializes in unifying your data from backend systems and moves it vertically to a frontend experience, while an integration platform moves data horizontally between different backend systems.

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Technical specifications

What is the response time of your APIs?

We offer real-time APIs with a 200 millisecond response time.

Is your platform Cloud-Native?

Yes - Occtoo is Cloud-Native and built on Azure.

What is a purpose-built Experience API?

Great question, these APIs are one of the unique benefits of Occtoo. An Experience API is a web API that sends data to a frontend. A purpose-built API is an API that holds just the exact data and assets you need to build a specific experience. A team member without any coding skills can pick and choose the assets they need for the app they want to build, create a purpose-built Experience API with a click and then provide a frontend developer with instant access to the data they need to build the experience.

What frontend does Occtoo work with?

Occtoo works with any frontend. We bring the data, content and logic, and you bring your own frontend so you can use whatever your team prefers.

What type of data can Occtoo handle?

Occtoo is data model agnostic and can handle data in any format. That is the reason why you can combine for example transactional data from ERP, customer data from CRM and product images from PIM friction free! Check out our Connects With page for more. 

Does the platform support multiple languages of content?

Yes, we support any type of language.