Experience Data Platform

Build digital customer experiences at lightning speed

Easily combine and activate content, customer and context data from any source. Say goodbye to time-consuming and lengthy integrations!

The Experience Data Platform

Quickly build a new digital experience for any channel with unified content, customer and context data. Re-use data across channels. Be relevant everywhere.

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Build less integrations, build more PWA's!

Have instant access to all CX data and put more effort in innovating your digital customer experience

Skip the integrations and access all CX data instantly

You shouldn't have to wait 3-6-12 months for integrations when building a new digital experience. Become data autonomous and move in the speed of your own choice

Unify all experience data

We unlock and unify experience data from any system or source so you can access it instantly to build new customer experiences with ease

Be relevant everywhere

We enable you to mix and match customer, context and content data so you can create a relevant experience optimized for each customer interaction

Launch experiences faster

We shorten your “idea to deployment” process, help you launch more experiences faster, and accelerate your customer experience innovation

Connect and combine data and content

Add data from any of your backend system. See more

With Occtoo we are able to easily access data from many different systems and distribute headless experiences into a variety of applications. Not only are we now 4x faster to market but our costs to build these experiences has lowered dramatically

Thomas Davis, Global Digital Operations Director


Coming up!

Webinar: 3 ways to go Composable

15th of February, Online

How do you go Composable in a way that is meaningful and right for your business? Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO, will share 3 ways to approach this suitable for different types of organizations/needs.

Mingle: Composable cocktails

8th of March, Gothenburg

Together with our partner Brink commerce we are hosting a mingle event, fireside chat about e-commerce included! 

Invitation only so please reach out to one of our team members for more information. 

Event: Meet us at D-congress!

8-9th of March, Gothenburg

Occtoo will be present at D-congress, the biggest digital retail event in the Nordics. Please reach out if you want to meet us there!


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We are members of a global community of technology providers advocating for future-proofed technology built on MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-Native, Headless) to increase speed to market and ability to innovate. 

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