We change the way relevant customer experiences are made!

occtoo is a tool for marketers & content managers to orchestrate the content experience of brand creating personalized user experiences in all phases of the customer journey. occtoo fits perfect in the world of MACH-architecture built for headless personalization, with features & dashboards that give business users the maximum control they need, while maintaining flexibility and agility for developers. By using the occtoo Experience API you can display predictive & relevant content anywhere, in real-time, based on business rules, customer insights, third-party segmentation data and geo-location. 

Bring relevance to any channel, touchpoint, screen or device
using the occtoo Experience API.

content intelligence

Combine your data, business rules, insights & human intuition with machine learning to make your content hyper-intelligent to be relevant for each customer interaction.

Personalization in
all channels

Deliver predictive & relevant content in real-time to enable personalization in any website, marketplace, in-store display, POS, screen or device.

Proactive insights to drive engagement

 Empower marketers with predictive & proactive insight on what content drives engagement using unique consolidation capabilities for analytics data & smart insights. 

Headless data &
API first

Utilise the power of a cloud native server-less SaaS-based architecture enabling headless personalization, relevant content & data fast through dynamically geo-scaling APIs.

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A few things we’re great at

Through a combination of smart apps & features and dynamic platform capabilties we offer next generation of Experience API service, designed for modern marketeers & citizen developers, who wants to be more personal and relevant when engaging with their customers.


Combine behavioral and real-time data to create experiences for your customers. Display the most engaging campaign, inspirational content, or product recommendations based on customer data, intelligent tagging, machine learning, relevance & customer context.  


Smarter product profiling matching the right product profile with the right customer profile, let your product describe itself differently depending who views it. With Smart Product Profiling, the presentation and product profile changes according to the customer profile & context (who, when, why and what).


Control the experience of your brand everywhere by managing & hosting your brand site or by infusing relevant campaigns and marketing content in widgets in external channels. Avoid the hassle of complex content uploads, long lead-times and unknown customer behaviours.  


Built-in apps to simplify for brands to collaborate with their resellers making sure they have the right content and running the latest campaigns. Manage and distribute different data formats across sales- and market touchpoints i.e. price comparison sites, search engine marketing, reseller networks, etc.


Getting personalization’s up and running on your site is great – but to explain how your personalization efforts are performing, you need data, evidence and proof. Through Time Tags occtoo provides you with the customer insights necessary to create greater personalization. Measure the effect of your personalization efforts collecting data for analysis over time.


Being in control of personlization success depends on fast & accurate data collection to take the right decisions in real-time and over time. Through extremly flexible data on-boarding capabilities vast quantities of behavioral, quantitative, and qualitative data can stream into occtoo enabling machine learning algorithms for personalization at scale, while your business rules set the scene.


Designed & optimised to enable relevant and personalized experiences in a headless environemnt based on a server-less architecture utilsing an API-first approach. Thus you can create any type of customer experience anywhere, and make them relevant for each individual customer.

Occtoo for Brands

Increase experience relevance across all channels & create higher engagement with customers and resellers to enable greater joint success.


Occtoo for Retail

Create the most relevant and engaging buying experience by offering a personalized experience in store, online, across any channel, touchpoint, screen or device.


Occtoo for Wholesale

Release the power of dynamic relevance models & personalization capabilities for B2B. Release the power in your customer data to boozt customer loyalty and sales.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say.

Speed & ease of use is what comes to mind. occtoo enables me to communicate our brand message, to co-ordinate campaigns and to reuse all the good content our teams are creating.

The ease of use in occtoo allows me to structure this content, share this via the occtoo API´s and the Partner Zone UI with all Haglöfs teams and with all my retailers.

Lina Ludwigson

occtoo is currently being used by our Partner and eCommerce teams to set up new experiences, personalized assortments and to understand partners ecommerce trends.

occtoo also helps us make informed decisions on what content that works in our Partner communication. It currently solves our key problem of lead time to create relevant experiences for our different partners.

Tom Davies

occtoo allows us to focus on our customers and to personalize their experiences. Our front-end developers can use modern UX frameworks & occtoo´s real-time API´s to create and build personalized customer experiences instead of moving data between databases and integrating data models.

Our marketing teams can focus on data for personalizing our customers experiences.

Martin Knutson

Slash time to market 
to build new experiences!

Spend less time on integrating data & adjusting data models to give more space to optimise the user experience!

occtoo is a no-code/low code, experience optimization service used to create digital experiences. occtoo provides the freedom and flexibility of API´s and headless data. Enjoy the agility of a flexible, scalable, pure server less & cloud native SaaS to
think big, start small and scale fast. 

Bring your own frontend

Use it with the occtoo real-time REST API! Enjoy the freedom and build your customer frontend, SPA, PWA or integrate with your eCommerce or CMS, and fuel with relevant content in real-time.

Members of the MACH Alliance

We are MACH certified and members of a global community of next generation technology providers advocating for future-proofed technology built to increase speed to market and ability to innovate.


The importance of enabling relevant micro-moments using personalization

Consumer behavior has changed forever. Today’s battle for hearts, minds, and dollars is won (or lost) in micro-moments—intent-driven moments of decision-making and preference-shaping that occur throughout the entire consumer journey, as Google has defined it.

consult their phones
while standing in a
store deciding
what to buy

agree that timing 
of  a company’s 
message influences
perception of
a brand

are willing to share
their data to enable

Personalization impact on revenue growth

Personalization is a key part of customer experience, with intelligent use of data allowing marketers to create relevant and unique experiences that hold attention for longer and generate loyalty in the long-run.




Combining the right data with human intution is what creates successful personalization

Instead of utilizing every piece of customer data available, brands should focus on showing customers you can help them first, then layering in the right balance of data to boost message relevance, without making things too personal.

Martha Mathers, Managing VP at Gartner

Personalization is about creating those relevant experiences for your customers; If you’re not going to create perceivable value for your customer why would they shop with you?

Brendan Witcher, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Our consumer needs to, first, perceive personalized messages to be helpful and, second, require as little data as possible in order to achieve this. A consumer should not have to provide over four dimensions of personal data in order to achieve that level of personalization.

Brent Adamson, Vice President at Gartner

We change the way customer experiences are made!

occtoo is a new generation of Experience API service designed for scalability, efficiency & simplicity with the business user in mind. occtoo delivers predictive & personalized content in real-time based on customer insights, third-party segmentation data and geo-location, creating personalized user experiences in all phases of the customer journey.

 occtoo is built on a modern server-less SaaS-based architecture and with its unique visualization UI occtoo enables a democratization effect on managing and handling data sources needed to create relevance in digital touch points & stores using headless personalization.

Time to get personal with your customers!



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