Experience Data Platform

Build digital experiences at lightning speed

Easily combine and activate content, customer and context data from any source. Say goodbye to time-consuming and lengthy integrations!

The Experience Data Platform

Quickly build a new digital experience for any channel with unified content, customer and context data. Re-use data across channels. Be relevant everywhere.

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App building reinvented

Build any app or digital experience you want, really fast, in four simple steps!

1. Your idea

Build a mobile app for store associates, introduce a new feature on your e-commerce site or even in-car app. Your imagination sets the limits!

2. Connect data

Select and connect the data and content you need to make it happen with a few clicks in our studio. No coding skills needed.

3. Build

Hand a developer a documented Experience API containing only the exact data needed to build the experience in a frontend or to fuel a 3rd party application

4. Launch 🚀

Go live and see how customers responds. Start to collect data that can be re-used in your next experience

Deloitte listed Occtoo as one of Sweden's fastest growing technology companies in 2023

Skip the integrations and access all CX data instantly

You shouldn't have to wait 3-6-12 months for integrations when building a new digital experience. Become data autonomous and move in the speed of your own choice

Unify all experience data

We unlock and unify experience data from any system or source so you can access it instantly to build new customer experiences with ease

Be relevant everywhere

We enable you to mix and match customer, context and content data so you can create a relevant experience optimized for each customer interaction

Launch experiences faster

We shorten your “idea to deployment” process, help you launch more experiences faster, and accelerate your customer experience innovation

Connect and combine data and content

Add data from any of your backend system. See more

We are using Occtoo's Experience Data Platform to tie all data from our Composable stack together. It's has improved our speed of execution and really become a game-changer for us!

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Webinar: How to build a modern composable stack the most cost-effective way

February 29th

In this webinar we will help you learn how to prepare your organization with the right technology stack to constantly adapt to changing market conditions and expand with new channels without it costing a fortune or taking forever.

Come meet us at D-Congress 2024

March 6-7th in Gothenburg, Sweden

How retailers and brands should take the lead in business life's transition towards a more circular economy is the focus of D-Congress 2024. Share knowledge and experience from the industry's leading experts and retailers who are at the forefront of the sustainability issue. An important question is how digitization can accelerate companies' sustainability work.

Latest in B2B Digital

May 16th in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Meet us at Emerce B2B Digitals event, Latest in B2B Digital. An event filled with trends, tactics and successes in digital transformation and e-commerce strategies for B2B. With plenty of presentations and experiences from innovative minds in B2B e-commerce on topics such as: Digital transformation, change management, customer focus, changing business models and more!


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