A pragmatic approach to Composable

Technology leaders are pressed to increase speed of execution and enable the business to become more agile. In this guide we aim to show how they can leverage new technology to reap the benefits of composability without the risk and overwhelming task of making a huge overhaul of the existing stack.

Understanding the core principles of Composable Architecture

Explaining how the tech stack is built on cloud services and capabilities, which can be well described with the MACH definition, focusing on scalability and APIs. 

Benefits of a Composable approach

"Organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace their competitors by 80% in terms of speedy implementation of new features”

What you're missing in your Composable approach

A platform that will enable you to move into the composable world in a fast and cost-effective manner without ripping and replacing your current stack: this makes your previous investments in backend systems even more valuable! 


Author: Larre Ländin, CX Technologist at Occtoo

Coming from a background as a developer and Solution Engineer I know how troublesome it can be out there. While going the Composable way offers you the benefit of making all of your data highly available in various APIs and ready to be consumed by developers, it also means that you now have all your data spread out over various APIs, in different formats, and in shifting scalability for your developers to handle, interpret and combine. This is why I thought it would be of great importance to give you a pragmatic way of view this issue and also how to solve it. 

Enjoy the reading and reach out to me if you want to discuss even deeper on the subject. 

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