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Cartier's bridal app guides customers through selection of unique engagement rings

Cartier is one of the world's most recognized luxury brands, offering high-end jewellery for their customers to cherish for generations. Cartier have retail boutiques spread across the world, to offer exquisite service to their global customer base, in addition to an e-commerce store and a growing number of digital services.

Mobile app offers guided sale through the wedding ring assortment

The purchase of an engagement and wedding ring comes with many emotions - combined with an endless option of diamonds, cutting styles, quality, etc. the choice can become overwhelming. With the Cartier service "Set for you", customers are able to tailor a ring according to their unique preferences.

Cartier wanted to make this task easier, and built an app that guided the bride and groom-to-be through their important decision. Within the app, they can browse through the global assortment and enjoy a guided journey that covers all the important details to think about when choosing (or creating) a wedding ring, so they can find the ring that fits their preferences the best. Cartier started by building an MVP of the app that was tested on the Japanese market. The app was well received by both the sales associates and customers, and Cartier therefore decided to launch it on a global scale across all markets and continents where they are present. So whether the future bride and groom lives in Tokyo, Sydney, or Miami, buying a wedding ring is a lot easier. 

Quick summary

  • Mobile app guides brides and grooms through Cartier's wedding ring assortment
  • They get instant access to in-depth information about the global wedding ring assortment
  • The app is available all over the world and localized in terms of language, currency and assortment to provide a more relevant experience

Making a complex decision easier

Clients can easily browse through in-depth information and images to get a good sense of the different wedding rings available. All information is updated in real time.

How Cartier have used Occtoo

With Occtoo, Cartier could easily access and unify stock data from a 3rd party diamond system, product data from the PIM-system, and transactional data from the ERP. They then combined these datasets with Occtoo and made the data available for developers through a real-time API. The Occtoo Experience API scales in real time all over the world making it a seamless experience regardless of location of the user. 

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