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Cartier's Cord bar brings a fresh in-store experience to new customers

Cartier is one of the world's most recognized luxury brands, offering high-end jewellery for their customers to cherish for generations. Cartier have retail boutiques spread across the world, to offer exquisite service to their global customer base, in addition to an e-commerce store and a growing number of digital services.

Cartier's Cord bar combines digital innovation and in-store service for a unique personalized experience

With the Cartier Cord bar service, customers are able to choose and tailor their Cartier Cord bracelet according to their unique personality and style.

Cartier wanted to create a personalized experience for new customers, so they created a new point of sale in-store called the Cord bar, and built an app for store assistants to guide the client through their design and selection. Within the app, store assistants can browse through the full range of bracelet colours and charms, incorporating information about their clients personal style so they can find the Cord that suits them best. 

The Occtoo Experience Data Platform was used to unify and deliver all product data through a single API to the Cord bar app.

This new product opens the brand to a new clientele, and Cartier aims to deliver these customers an exceptional personal experience just like their other clients have come to know from the global luxury brand.

Quick summary

  • The Cord bar is a new in-store service launched by Cartier to build an experience around the selection of their famous leather cord charm bracelet. 
  • Cartier wanted to deliver a personal and highly visual in-store experience.
  • Cartier worked used Occtoo's Experience Data Platform to unify all product data and create a single API to deliver relevant data to their new app. 

Making a purchase an experience

Store assistants can now greet customers at the Cord bar and easily guide them through a personal selection experience. All information is updated in real time.

How Cartier have used Occtoo

With Occtoo, Cartier could easily access and unify product data from the PIM-system, and transactional data from the ERP. They then combined these datasets with Occtoo and made the data available for developers through a real-time API. The Occtoo Experience API scales in real time all over the world making it a seamless experience regardless of location of the user. 


The project was executed with impressive timing
3 weeks

from start to finish