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Cartier's in-store app empowers sales associates and enhances customer experience

Cartier is one of the world's most recognized luxury brands, offering high-end jewellery that their customers can cherish for generations. Cartier have retail boutiques spread across the world to offer exquisite service to their global customer base, in addition to an e-commerce store and a growing number of digital services.

Mobile app to improve in-store customer experience

Cartier wanted to unlock sales capacity and create a mobile-first experience for employees to improve the experience of customers. The solution was a mobile app designed specifically for sales associates, enabling them to serve customers anywhere in the store (or remote!), with instant access to the assortment of Cartier's unique creations and stock information. With this information at their fingertips, sales associates are better equipped and able to focus more on improving the experience for customers. They can move freely within the store and they have instant access to find items that might not be at their specific location, to find the best option for the customer. The app is localized in terms of language, currency and assortment, to provide a relevant experience for the users and customers around the world.

Quick summary

  • Mobile app enables sales associates to serve customers anywhere in the store (or remote!)
  • Sales associates have instant access to in-depth information about the assortment and stock information 
  • The app is localized in terms of language, currency and assortment to provide a more relevant experience
  • An MVP was launched within one month. It took only 10 months from the initial idea until the app was fully adopted on a global scale and considered a global success

A seamless app experience

With Occtoo's Experience APIs the mobile app is always updated in real time so sales associates all around the world have instant access to assortment and stock data at their fingertips


The project was executed with an agile approach and had an impressive speed-to-market

30 days

from idea to MVP

10 months

from idea to a global success story

How Cartier have used Occtoo

With the help of Occtoo, Cartier have been able to quickly unify the data needed for this project (without any costly and time-consuming integration projects) from several different systems, such as ERP and PIM. With the necessary data assets instantly available they could quickly make unique combinations of the right assets and create an Occtoo Experience API tailored to the specific needs of Vue, which is the frontend technology used for this project. The Occtoo Experience API fuels Vue with data in milliseconds, on a global scale, making it a seamless experience for their sales associates and customers. 

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