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Insights to enhance your digital customer experience – Fast Forward #35

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#1 E-commerce is dead, long live E-commerce

LinkedIn Live series. In this first episode, Tom and Jimmy discuss how retailers can reinvent their e-commerce approach to make it more service and experience based while integrated in the entire customer journey. 

How to make data consumable in frontend experiences – your ultimate hack!

The major problem is not the accumulation of different SaaS offerings but in fact what’s really missing is a data orchestration layer or in simple words, the data unfortunately is getting siloed instead of being consumable and actionable in frontend experiences...

Introducing Sources: How to get data into Occtoo

Join our CX Technologists, Larre Ländin and Markus Rajala, as they dive deep into how Occtoo's no-code studio empowers digital teams to seamlessly unify, connect, and activate data, creating outstanding digital experiences really quickly and all without any coding skills!

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