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Insights to enhance your digital customer experience – Fast Forward #32

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Webinar invite - How to build a modern composable stack the most cost-effective way

In this webinar:
  • Emerging market trends (and what they mean)
  • Practical challenges with the first wave of Composable and how to mitigate these risks to reap more benefits
  • How your Composable stack should look like in order to expand with new channels fast and cost-effective

Digital transformation hack: Convert Enterprise data into Experience data

Why convert? Experience Data excels in data modeling flexibility, API-first philosophy, data democratization, speed, agility, and escaping integration nightmares. Unifying data eliminates the need for incompatible databases, saving time for value-added initiatives.

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We continue to launch several new connectors and providers making it even easier to connect Occtoo to your existing stack! 

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