Intersport shares product content with their global organization with ease

Since the 60’s, INTERSPORT has grown to become a vertical retail organization representing a global omni-channel specialist that interacts with consumers both on and offline 24/7.

INTERSPORT is one of the world’s leading sporting goods retailer with retail sales of EUR 11.9 billion in 2019 and more than 5500 affiliated stores in 43 countries. The company has over 65,000 employees that help more than 650,000 customers world-wide every day.

With PartnerZone from Occtoo we are able to distribute product and campaign content to our national organizations much faster. This enables the whole organization to react faster to changes in the market so we can stay relevant to our customers and scale digital sales

Himanshu Goyal, Director, Digital Operations


INTERSPORT supports national organizations with easier access to content

INTERSPORT have high growth goals, including the ambition to grow revenue from their e-commerce channels to 25% of their overall revenue.


To be able to reach this ambitious goal they saw it as a necessity to better equip national organizations with easier and quicker access to digital campaign material and product content. This would enable them to faster bring new products to the market. 


They decided to invest in PartnerZone from Occtoo, a content hub where marketing could share material about INTERSPORT's exclusive brands (McKinley, Firefly, Energetics, etc) with their +40 markets from one central place.


Product data is automatically updated from their PIM-system inRiver and campaign and seasonal material can quickly be uploaded so everything is instantly accessible for the global organization, improving their speed to market significantly.

Quick summary

  • INTERSPORT wanted to provide national organizations with easier access to product and campaign material in order to launch products faster and react to changes in the market
  • They decided to invest in PartnerZone from Occtoo, a content hub where team members can instantly access materials such as campaign videos, product content data etc.
  • The global marketing team uploads marketing assets for their exclusive brands, such as McKinley, Firefly, Energetics etc

  • The national teams can easily search and download material for different brands to include in their local marketing efforts
  • During 2021 about 650,000 downloads of assets were made from PartnerZone

The national teams can instantly find marketing material

Team members have instant access to download product and campaign material and can easily search based on different categories 


yearly downloads


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