Mips uses content portal to easily share assets with partners

Mips specializes in helmet-based safety and protection and is a world-leader in this area. Their revolutionary technology is used in +700 helmet models and they have over +150 brand partners.

We have received feedback from our partners that they really appreciate how easy it is for them to download content from PartnerZone. Our internal team also saves 10-20% of their time per person, that they used to spend on sharing and distributing content to our partners. Now they can spend that time producing better content instead


PartnerZone gives partners instant access to brand content and increases efficiency

Mips is on a mission to make the world a safer place with their helmet safety system. Mips technology is incorporated in helmets in several different verticals, such as: Bike, Snow, Moto, Equestrian, and the newly deployed Construction industry. This means that Mips partners needs to be supported with different content relevant to which sector they work in. 

To improve the way they shared content with partners, Mips on-boarded PartnerZone from Occtoo. PartnerZone is a content portal where Mips can easily share relevant and up-to-date content with partners, based on their specific profiles. When a partner logs in they are instantly met with content for their specific vertical and language.

Being in the safety space comes with an extra weight on the responsibility that information is always kept up-to-date as the product develops. If factual information errors occur, they need to be corrected instantly. Prior to on-boarding PartnerZone, this was a challenge, because the team had no control over who had downloaded what material. Now the team can instantly see who has downloaded which content and can quickly update them with the latest information so the partner is always using the latest edition.

The team at Mips estimates to save 10-20% of their time per person/week. This was time they used to spend on sharing and distributing content to partners. Now they can spend that time producing better content instead. Making it a win-win for everyone.

Quick summary

  • Mips needed a content portal for their partners to access the latest product information and marketing assets 
  • PartnerZone from Occtoo is a platform where partners can log in to instantly access all relevant material
  • This saves alot of time for partners and they are instantly met with the content that is most relevant for their vertical (Bike, Moto, Equestrian etc)
  • If any content has factual errors it is an easy task to correct it in the portal and secure quicker distribution of the new material
  • Using PartnerZone means Mips can onboard new partners much quicker than before 
  • They now get insights on what content is used the most to guide their content production efforts

A self-service partner experience

Brand partners can easily access the latest content and marketing assets. This increases efficiency and frees up time related to content distribution. 

How Mips have used Occtoo

PartnerZone is an out-of-the-box application from Occtoo, built on top of our experience data platform, and used to share product information and marketing assets with brand partners.

Mips has used PartnerZone to store and share all of their marketing assets with external brand partners.  

They can now spend less time on-boarding partners and distributing content, and more time reviewing and promoting what really works across various markets, which means better customer experience and enhanced speed. 

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