B2B retail experience

MQ Marqet's B2B eCommerce helps business clients find and buy quality uniforms

MQ Marqet (formerly known as MQ) was founded in 1957 and offers a timeless assortment of fashion for men and women that can be worn for both business and leisure. They are one of the largest fashion brand retail chains in Sweden, with 90 stores located around the country. In addition, they have a digital store at mq.se.


Make it easier for B2B customers to search and filter suitable work clothing available in large quantities

MQ Marqet set out to create a minisite designed exclusively for their B2B clients who buy high-quality staff uniforms in high quantities. 


Via Occtoo, they already had easy access to the data needed for the experience (product data from inRiver PIM and stock data from the ERP), which meant that they did not need to spend time and budget on integrations.


They used Occtoo to unify stock and price data and segment the relevant products, and they worked with our eCommerce partner Diamir Consulting to design and build the frontend experience.

With tight collaboration between Occtoo and Diamir, the project was deployed in less than 2 months.

Quick summary

  • Fashion retailer, MQ Marqet, had identified the opportunity to expand into a new segment and offer their products to professionals needing quality attire at work (e.g hotels, resturants etc)
  • The objective was a unique minisite tailored for B2B purchases, improving the experience for the customers and making it easier for MQ Marqet to fulfill large orders. 
  • With instant access to the necessary data needed through Occtoo's Experience Data Platform, complexity was greatly reduced and there was no demand for lengthy integrations.
  • Easy data access and strong collaboration with our partner Diamir meant that the project was delivered approximately 4X faster than it would have typically taken!

It easier than ever for businesses to find clothing

Customers can filter high-quality suitable clothing based on the available quantity and delivery time.


This project was delivered by Occtoo partner Diamir Consulting. A Swedish based PIM and E-commerce consulting firm.

How MQ Marqet have used Occtoo

MQ Marqet have used Occtoo's Experience Data Platform for several initiatives. That means that they had instant access to the necessary data needed to deliver this experience in Occtoo. They could then quickly create an Experience API containing the specific data and content assets needed for this project. 

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