Omnichannel app

Nordic Nest's custom "NestDesk" app enhances the omnichannel experience

Nordic Nest is the home of Scandinavian design and is one of the primary e-commerce successes in the Nordics with a revenue of over €100 million.

A unified view to service customers in all channels

Through one single user interface (built on a React frontend) customer service team members and store associates can access information about customers, orders and products to service customers both online and in-store

Main benefits


Increased efficiency

With one single interface to find all information it's easier to onboard new team members and service more customers in the same time frame


Better experience for team members

Data that is fueled through Occtoo is done so with a 200 millisecond response time. This is a big shift for team members that previously needed to search five different systems that each took seconds to load


Major cost saved

Since Nordic Nest no longer need to give all team members access to all their systems they are saving a lot on licensing fees in addition to time saved on training when new team members are onboarded

The app has been under continuous development to best support the business need

Version 1 - 2021

The NestDesk application was built to support customer service team members with the post-purchase experience

The first version of the application was an internal app designed to support their customer service team with access to unified data about the customer, their orders and purchase history.

  • This enabled their team members to speed up service and provide customers with more accurate answers to their questions, since they no longer need to search up to 5 different systems to find correct information. All which each took seconds to load which were frustration for team members.
  • Data was unified from Voyado (CRM), inRiver (PIM), Freshdesk (Support), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP) and Bitlog (WMS).
  • Because they can find answers faster, team members are able to serve more customers within the same time frame.
  • During the hectic campaign period of November and December the team also gets ramped up with 400 people, they now only need to onboard them to one system which significantly reduces cost in training.
  • This application also saved Nordic Nest licensing fees since they no longer need to provide all team members with access to all systems. 
Version 2 - 2023

Transforming the app to become a full omnichannel solution to support multiple channels and use cases

In 2022 Nordic Nest went from being a pure player in e-commerce to an omnichannel player when they acquired the store chain Svenssons i Lammhult. They decided to expand the scope of the NestDesk application to also be a tool for sales associates in the stores.

  • This meant they expanded the use case to only handling post order support to transform it into a full Omnichannel solution where they can support customers both in-store and online and in multiple phases of the customer journey to drive both new sales and retention.
  • To make this happen they added instant access to stock levels in store and the warehouse in addition to visual product media so the sales associates better can advice customers in store. 

We are using Occtoo's Experience Data Platform to tie all data from our Composable stack together. It's has improved our speed of execution and really become a game-changer for us!

How Nordic Nest have used Occtoo

With the help of Occtoo, Nordic Nest were able to quickly unify all customer data from all sources, such as customer service portal, order management system and ERP. They could then combine the data into one unified view and create an Occtoo Experience API that fuels the data into a React frontend. The Occtoo Experience API fuels the frontend with data in milliseconds making it a seamless experience for their team members when they service customers.

The Experience Data Platform

Connect and activate all data and content from any system and build new digital experiences at lightning speed.