Occtoo for Brands

Get relevant everywhere

Occtoo for brands is a great way for a brand owner to collaborate with their resellers making sure they have access to the right marketing and brand content, product training and running the latest campaigns. Occtoo also provides insights to who, what and when of the resellers that have accessed the service.

Below is an illustration of the capabilities and a more detailed description of the user interface (example) your resellers get access to out-of-the-box.

Speed & ease of use is what comes to mind. occtoo enables me to communicate our brand message, to co-ordinate campaigns and to reuse all the good content our teams are creating.

The ease of use in occtoo allows me to structure this content, share this via the occtoo API´s and the Partner Zone UI with all Haglöfs teams and with all my retailers. 

Lina Ludwigson, Haglöfs