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How MQ Marqet work with digital channels to support their rapid growth

Mattias Liljenberg, E-commerce Director at MQ Marqet share how they managed to support a growth of 46%, crossing the 1 billion SEK revenue milestone.
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MQ Marqet is the Swedish retailer that has gone through one of the most successful digital transformations during the last year

They have managed to increase revenue during 2022 with 46%, crossing the milestone of 1 billion SEK in annual revenue. A big part of this success has been their rapid expansion of digital channels as they have expanded with marketplaces, digital concepts in their stores and launching a concept for B2B. In this session you will get to listen to their skilled E-commerce and IT manager, Mattias Liljenberg as he shares his strategy, tactics and thinking for supporting this massive growth.

You will learn

  • What was the thinking behind the rapid expansion of digital channels
  • What was the secret to being able to expand with so many new digital channels so quickly
  • What have they learnt during the last 24 months

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This session will be hosted by Occtoo co-founder and CTO, Jimmy Ekbäck.

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