content distribution made easy


Easily share all your product content and campaign assets with resellers and partners from one place

PartnerZone from Occtoo makes it easier for brands to share assets with resellers and create a strong brand experience

Make your latest products and brand content easily available to retailers, partners and internal departments. Display the right content to the right partner to increase relevance and make sure they use your latest assets


Increase content usage

With instant and easy access to downloading content you ensure higher usage of your material from resellers and partners

Get content out faster

Dramatically decrease the time it takes to distribute your content to resellers. Better support more intense product drops or quick iterations in your material


Spend time where it matters

Spend more time producing the content you know are good for brand experience and sales, and less time on distribution

Key features

product catalogue

Give access to your detailed product information in the right language and the right currency that will make sure your reseller promotes and sell the right assortment.

Dynamic navigation

Very intuitive navigation using familiar filters. The user can save the filter or download the result. The navigation can be modified by you as a brand depending what you want them to have access to.

Media catalogue

Very easy way to share your images, banners, social contents and user guides. Even more easy for the user to preview (image & video player) before downloading. The user can choose between different formats and resolutions when they download.

hyper search

Find, select and download products - a very easy way for the user to copy and paste a list of article numbers that you may have sent to them in an email or they sent to you.

Content insights

Get insights on which content is being used and never again spend time producing content that just sits on the shelf.

Automatic upload

Ingest different content from other internal systems automatically so your creative team doesn't need to spend time uploading material

With PartnerZone from Occtoo we are able to distribute product and campaign content to our national organizations much faster. This enables the whole organization to react faster to changes in the market so we can stay relevant to our customers and scale digital sales

Himanshu Goyal, Director, Digital Operations


Intersport shares product content with their global organization with ease

Intersport decided to invest in PartnerZone from Occtoo, a content hub where team members instantly can access materials such as campaign videos, product content data etc.

ICANIWILL speed up the delivery of brand content to resellers

ICANIWILL needed a platform that could unify data from multiple sources and hold information for their full product range along with marketing assets, and also provide insights on which assets were being used by their retailer network.

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