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Solve the hidden B2B data challenge and build better digital experiences

Imagine having easy access to any data needed to build the tools or services crucial for your customers and business? Learn how in this video!

Learn how to overcome complex data structures to build better digital experiences

Investing in digital customer experiences (CX) and self-service tools is essential to meet customer demands, enhance efficiency, and create new service-based revenue streams. This involves seamless access to comprehensive data on products, configurations, customers, transactions, and usage. This is usually a cumbersome task for B2B companies with high complexity in their data structures. 

In this video Occtoo's CX Technologist Oscar Tryvall discusses how to overcome this challenge with Business Strategist Robin Slotts at consultancy firm Columbus.

You will learn:

  • Learn about hidden data challenges of eCommerce and CX projects that slows down your digital projects.
  • Understand how to make it possible to have access to any data in real-time to build digital services at a significantly lower cost.
  • Get inspiration on how you can invest differently to unlock new revenue streams.

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