3 ways to transition into a Composable state

Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO, shares concrete advice to help you go Composable in the way that fits your organization the best
Composable is the answer to gain speed and agility and Gartner predicts that by 2023, 60% of companies will seek composability in their tech investments. Do you want to learn how you can leapfrog into a composable state? Then this webcast is for you!
This 20 minute webcast will cover:
  • How you should view composability
  • 3 different ways to go Composable suitable for different organizations/needs

We are using Occtoo's Experience Data Platform to tie all data from our Composable stack together. It's has improved our speed of execution and really become a game-changer for us!

Jacob Rastad, Chief Technology Officer

Nordic Nest

Unleash the power to move to Composable Architecture

By starting your Composable Architecture journey with an Experience Data Platform you can quickly reap the benefits of Composability in the customer-facing layer, while you set yourself up for less risk as you continue to swap the rest of the components in your stack.

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