Share content with partners with ease

Spend less time distributing content and more time creating the right content

  • A better way to help your retail partners make your products ready to sell
  • How to get your campaigns out to your partners on time
  • Help your team and partners find the right material whenever they need it
  • How to make your team serve partners more efficiently

Distribution of product and campaign content to partners is a time-intense task and drives hours of manual work. This is time that could be better spent on activities that actually drive sales, customer loyalty and increases your brand experience.

Who is this for? If you are a Marketing or Sales leader at a brand with many partners and want to learn how you can be more efficient in your content distribution you should free up 30 minutes in your schedule to tune in.

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In this webinar you will meet

Oscar Tryvall

Oscar always have our customer's success at heart, obsessed by making businesses grow. With 15 years experience from content management and e-commerce Oscar will share his best tricks.

Jossi Sabbah

Jossi has 20 years of experience from retail and is on a mission to help brands become more efficient, time effective and profitable faster by getting their content out at the right time in the right way.

We are already using Occtoo

The portal is very user friendly and helps us share our product and brand assets with partners with ease. Now our creative team have even more time to create even better content, which means we will build a stronger brand.

Nina Ludwig Lindelöf, Director of Wholesale