How to easily build relevant customer experiences for every context

Be relevant in every touchpoint. Re-use data across channels.
Drive more revenue and scale faster. 

Customer touch points are at an all time high and constantly increasing. In this webinar we'll uncover how you can build the right digital capabilities to keep up and innovate your customer experience through your chosen touch points in the pace needed!

Customer data, content data and context data are your core assets to build a great digital experience. The problem is that these data assets are often locked into silos making them hard to access, combine and build a digital experience with. But there is a solution to this problem and this is what we will unlock in this webinar, to help you understand how you can become data autonomous and faster to market. 

You will learn: 

  • How to create a holistic data-pool to have instant access to all your experience data
  • How to re-use data across channels and context
  • How to make your digital team data autonomous so they can move in the speed of their own choice

Who should join?

If you are responsible for digital experience or digital innovation and want to learn how to make your digital capabilities and stack fit for the future, you will benefit from the insights in this webinar. 


This webinar is hosted by CTO, Jimmy Ekbäck. Jimmy has over 15 years of experience from the CX space, supporting digital leaders within global organizations to succeed.

Sharing image Jimmy Ekbäck CTO Occtoo

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Date: 29th of September
Time: 3 - 3.30 p.m CET

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