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Who will benefit from partnering with Occtoo?

We are purely interested in win-win relationships, and we only partner with players we know will gain value from offering Occtoo

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Digital experience agency

Your focus is to help companies build digital experiences and applications with a primary focus on the frontend experience

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Believe in next-gen tech

You believe in the new breed of Composable, MACH technology and want to offer this to your clients
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Agile approach

You believe in agile development, where you work closely with your clients to continuously innovate the customer experience and launch new applications at rapid speed

We are currently accepting partner requests from a selected amount of partners. If you believe in the same things as we and think our approach at Occtoo sounds interesting, please reach out and let's discuss this joint opportunity

Niclas Mollin, CEO and co-founder


How Occtoo adds value

With Occtoo you will be able to deliver significantly more value to your customers


Launch more experiences faster

With Occtoo you can quickly deploy MVPs and new applications faster than ever before. You will have the power to increase differentiation and reduce time to market for your customers


Build experiences for any channel

With Occtoo you will have instant access to all necessary CX data, to re-use and re-purpose across channels and context. This enables you to easily build a new experience for any channel

Spend more time on innovation and CX

With Occtoo you will be able to spend more time on new creative solutions and optimizing the customer experience, rather then having data integration consuming all time and budget

Occtoo family - our community is our strength

This article is a first introduction for CX professionals and partners about to get started with the Occtoo Experience Data Platform. It’s time to make the enterprise data easily available so digital teams can be truly creative.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Reach out and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Built with Occtoo

Our customers and partners have built some amazing applications at rapid speed together. Have a look at a few examples here


Members of the MACH Alliance

We are members of a global community of technology providers advocating for future-proofed technology built on MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-Native, Headless) to increase speed to market and ability to innovate.