Instantly access your data

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Connect all data and content from all your systems and build digital experiences at lightning speed!

Occtoo is the missing link to connect all your data and content from different systems through purpose-built APIs, to deliver new world-class innovative digital experiences at lightning speed.


Unlock transactional, price and order data etc from any ERP system and have it instantly available to build an experience with


Add your product data and content into Occtoo and combine it with customer, transactional and contextual data to build relevance into your experiences

Customer data

Keep your existing customer data system in play! Occtoo connects to any CRM/CDP and our real-time APIs unlock your customer data for heightened personalization and customer experience

File-based data sync

Add unstructured and raw data from any source into Occtoo, even as rudimentary as a spreadsheet

Search engines

Occtoo provide your on-site search engine with unified product data and content


Connect Occtoo with any DAM system to ease the access to media and content for your digital team

Front-end frameworks

Whatever front-end framework you choose to build your new digital experience with, it will work with Occtoo


Occtoo provide your commerce platform with any data needed from any source


Add content from any CMS and combine it with other types of data to increase content relevance

Introducing Occtoo Studio

By using our no code studio, digital teams with no coding skills can select and connect data and content anyhow they want when delivering the next digital experience. No integrations needed. Ready to try it out?

Built with Occtoo

Our customers and partners have built amazing applications at rapid speed. Have a look at a few examples here