Connect your CX data

The Experience Data Platform

Connect and activate all data and content from any system and build new digital experiences at lightning speed.

Introducing Occtoo

By using our no code studio digital teams with no coding skills can select and connect data and content anyhow they want when delivering the next digital experience. No integrations needed.

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App building reinvented

Build any CX app you want, really fast, in four simple steps!

1. Your idea

Build a mobile app for store associates, introduce a new feature on your e-commerce site or even in-car app. Your imagination sets the limits!

2. Connect data

Select and connect the data and content you need to make it happen with a few clicks in our studio. No coding skills needed.

3. Build

Hand a developer a documented Experience API containing only the exact data needed to build the experience in a frontend or to fuel a 3rd party application

4. Launch 🚀

Go live and see how customers responds. Start to collect data that can be re-used in your next experience.

Sounds to fast to be true? Reach out and we'll show you the magic! Or view the documentation here.

Bring your own frontend

Skip the integrations and instantly access all CX data

You shouldn't have to wait 3-6-12 months for integrations when building a new digital experience. Have all your CX data connected and move in the speed of your own choice


4x faster to market

Launch digital experiences at rapid speed. Easier adapt to the world as it changes. Go from idea to deployment in no time


Reduce project cost

Decrease time and money spent on building the same integrations again and again when launching new experiences


Surface your data

Reduce complexity and instantly access all the data and content you need to build digital experiences from one single place


UNIFY DATA with sources

Always access your experience data from one place

Stop wasting time on costly and complex integrations slowing you down.

  • Unify all your customer, content and product data from any system or source (ERP, PIM, CRM, OMS, POS etc.) and access it instantly. 
  • Just pick and choose which assets to use with a few clicks when building your next experience.
Mix & Match with SEGMENTS

Combine and activate customer, content and context data

Make the best use of the data you already have to improve your digital experiences with new features and functions.
  • Easily make unique combinations of customer, content and context data in our no code studio. 
  • Create virtual data models for any context and need with relevant business logic and data rule sets (no need to dilute your other systems, e.g. e-com platform, with tasks they are not intended to perform)
Personalize with moments

Enhance relevance in your experiences using 1st party data

Show the right content to the right person in the right context and drive customer loyalty and revenue.
  • Use your 1st and zero party data for personalization.
  • Easily combine e.g. product data with customer data to build unique segments in your own digital channels. 

With Occtoo we are able to easily access data from many different systems and distribute headless experiences into a variety of applications. Not only are we now 4x faster to market but our costs to build these experiences has lowered dramatically

Thomas Davis, Global Digital Operations Director


Power all channels with experience data in real-time

Stop having channels working in silos and instead have data flow between them without hassle! 
  • Build experiences for any channel, frontend or 3rd party application and easily re-use and share data across channels.
  • Connect your omnichannel experience and optimize the experience for each customer in every channel.

Geo-scale seamlessly with Experience APIs

Make poor performance issues a thing of the past and scale data from backend systems (ERP, CRM, PIM etc) to any frontend in real-time!
  • Build your experience once and scale globally across any endpoint and geography in real-time.
  • Use a highly scalable, purpose-built API containing only the exact data needed for that specific experience (your developers will love this as they no longer will need to spend time searching for data).

Connect and combine data and content

Add data from any of your backend system. See more here

Occtoo for Architects

Learn how to build the CX/Digital Commerce stack of the future

See what customers have built with Occtoo

Take inspiration from examples of applications our customers have built to enhance their customer experience and improve their business

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