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Connect data and content in your Composable stack and instantly access everything from one place. Reap the benefits of agility and speed with going Composable without the hassle of complex integrations

We are using Occtoo's Experience Data Platform to tie all data from our Composable stack together. It's has improved our speed of execution and really become a game-changer for us!

Jacob Rastad, Chief Technology Officer

Nordic Nest

Easily add content and data from any system

Activate data in any frontend in real-time with Experience APIs

  • Combine any data and build a new experience that can be scaled globally across any endpoint and geography in real-time.
  • Use a highly scalable, purpose-built API containing only the exact data needed for that specific experience (your developers will love this as they no longer will need to spend time searching for data).

Some key benefits

Reduce complexity in your stack

Reduce risk and make your stack less fragile by removing the need for building and maintaining many point-to-point integrations

Make better use of the data that already exists

Make better use of the time and data you have already invested in systems such as ERP, PIM, CRM and reap the true benefits of data enhancing systems and efforts

Build once and scale everywhere

Decrease efforts spent on building the same integrations over and over again when launching new apps and experiences

Craft your own data models

Occtoo is data model agnostic, meaning you can combine data from any source into a new unique data set that can power any experience

Occtoo in the Composable stack

Occtoo sits on top of your backend systems such as ERP, PIM and CRM, being a data activation layer that connects all your data without the need for time-consuming and complex integrations. Occtoo works as an engine powering your digital experiences by activating unified data and content in your frontend of choice using real-time Experience APIs.


Introduction to Occtoo

Get the details on how it works from our CTO & Co-founder, Jimmy Ekbäck. In this video he explains how an Experience Data Platform fits into your stack and how it will make it easier to build digital experiences


0:10 Benefits of Occtoo 
0:45 CX data in the Occtoo context
2:20 How to activate data in a frontend with Experience APIs
3:15 Why/How the need for integrations is reduced
8:00 Occtoo in the CX/Digital Commerce stack 
9:26 Examples of what customers have built with Occtoo

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Go Composable without replacing your existing stack

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A Composable Architecture doesn't have to involve complex integrations

CX technologist Larre Ländin explains how you can overcome the integration overload when building your Composable solution
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Serverless SaaS and Cloud-native

Occtoo is built on a microservice architecture
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Fetch and send data instantly with GraphQL and RESTful APIs
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Optimized for speed

Build once and scale globally across any endpoint or geography
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