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Getting started with Composable

In this webcast Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO, will share foundational knowledge to support you in moving into Composable. He will highlight success factors and risks that are easy to avoid so your transition will run as smooth as possible.

3 ways to transition into a Composable state

Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO, shares concrete advice to help you go Composable in the way that fits your organization the best

How Nordic Nest connected data in their Composable stack without being overwhelmed with integration

Jacob will give you the background scope on how he managed to make their Composable stack complete, enabling his team to focus more time on shipping relevant initiatives to the market

A pragmatic approach to Composable

In this guide we aim to show how they can leverage new technology to reap the benefits of composability without the risk and overwhelming task of making a huge overhaul of the existing stack.

How to activate your data in all channels with a game-changing approach

There is a new way to help you deliver new business initiatives in terms of digital experiences but at a fraction of the traditional time and cost. Find out how in this video!

How B2B companies can build digital experiences faster through easy access to enterprise data

Reduce cost and risk in your digital projects and build digital experiences tailored to your customers' unique needs. With new solutions on the market this massive challenge can be mitigated, reducing project costs with up to 50% and significantly lower your TCO. In this video we will show you how!

Create better digital product experiences with the data you already have

Are you a digital leader, merchandiser or PIM/ product enthusiast? Pick up tips on how to play with the right tools to produce a powerhouse strategy for driving revenue for a lower cost. 

How Fenix Outdoor support their multi-brand organization with digital tools and services

In this session you will get to listen to Eefje Jacques, who is the Deputy CTO & Head of Business Tech Brands at Fenix Outdoor. Eefje has also been responsible for digital product development across the organization from commerce up to supply chain.

How Cartier transformed their digital capabilities to become future fit

In this webcast Puneet will share the story on how the team he is part of has transformed their digital operations infrastructure to be better able to adapt to changes in the market with more agility and speed. After this change they are now able to execute digital projects 4x faster and launch MVPs in only 30 days.

How MQ Marqet work with digital channels to support their rapid growth

In this session you will get to listen to their skilled E-commerce and IT manager, Mattias Liljenberg as he shares his strategy, tactics and thinking for supporting this massive growth.

Solve the hidden B2B data challenge and build better digital experiences

In this video Occtoo's CX Technologist Oscar Tryvall discusses how to overcome this challenge with Business Strategist Robin Slotts at consultancy firm Columbus.

How to overcome the cross-channel integration challenge

The biggest problem with building an omnichannel experience the traditional way is that data cannot flow seamlessly across channels in real-time, because the technology stack is dated and built-in silos. Learn how to overcome this challenge.

3-step recipe to faster CX projects

With more tools needed to support the customer journey than ever before, there are now better ways to unlock, combine and share rich data for your different apps and interfaces. In this short webinar you will learn how to build digital experiences 4x faster!

How to use your data to build unified customer experiences

In this video we'll uncover how you can build the right digital capabilities to keep up and innovate your customer experience through your chosen touch points in the pace needed!

How to build unified experiences 4x faster

To create a relevant experience for your customers it’s the combination of customer, content and context data that creates the magic! In this webinar you will learn how you can build digital experiences without spending months on data integration.

Build digital experiences with speed and at scale with Experience APIs

In this video you'll learn how purpose-built APIs for every frontend will speed up your app development, how you can offer a more relevant customer experience at scale with this approach and how you can re-use and re-purpose data across channels and screens

Reimagine your CX stack and launch digital experiences at rapid speed

What's the next secret trick for forward thinking Digital Officers who want to tune up their CX work? It's unified data and real-time Experience APIs. We'll tell you all about it in this webinar

How luxury brands can build digital experiences 4x faster

You will learn there's a new and easier way of building digital experiences and apps and share how you can spend more of your time and budget on improving the customer experience instead of data integration.

Share content with partners with ease

Locating and sharing the right product and campaign content with your retailers drives hours of manual work for your team. With increased sales channels popping up, learn how you can scale while supporting your team in the most efficient way

Product videos

What is Occtoo and how does it work?

In this video, our CTO Jimmy Ekbäck gives you a brief introduction to how Occtoo's Experience Data Platform works.

Introducing the Occtoo Studio

In this 4 minute video our CX Technologist, Larre Ländin, gives you a brief introduction to how the Occtoo Studio works.

How to build modern frontends with Occtoo

In this video, our CTO Jimmy Ekbäck gives you a brief introduction to how Occtoo helps Architects and Developers deliver data to frontend experiences.

How to use Occtoo to power your Product Details Page

CX Technologist, Larre Ländin, gives an overview of how Occtoo Studio allows you to effortlessly combine and activate the required data into a single API, enhancing your Product Details Page experience.

How to use Occtoo to power in-store digital solutions

CX Technologist, Larre Ländin, provides a concise overview of how Occtoo Studio enables you to seamlessly merge and harmonize the necessary data into a single API, improving your store experience.

How to use Occtoo to feed your products to marketplaces

Our CX Technologist, Larre Ländin, presents how Occtoo Studio empowers you to easily make your products and content available in new sales channels or marketplaces, so you can scale your business with ease.

How does Occtoo help you switch to a Composable way of building your eCommerce?

In this video, our CTO Jimmy Ekbäck explains Occtoo's purpose and how it serves digital teams with the unified data they need to fuel new frontend experiences

CX tech talks

In this series, Larre and Markus will explore how Occtoo's no-code studio empowers digital teams to seamlessly connect and activate data and content in any frontend/application without needing any coding skills

Introducing Sources: How to get data into Occtoo

Larre and Markus discuss and show one of the four Bloks in Occtoo - Sources. You 'll be given a tour in the Studio and how to ingest data into Occtoo. 

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