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How Cartier improved their digital customer experience

Speed and agility, a focus when building out Cartier's digital capabilities

Thomas Davis discusses Cartier's digital innovation

“We are doing a lot of creative innovation that requires data. If we had built experiences the traditional way our time to market would be at least 4x slower. Not only are we now faster to market but our costs to build these experiences has lowered dramatically”

Justin Boisseranc about launching an MVP app in 30 days

"It was important for us to move fast and be efficient, so we could deliver value as soon as possible to a wide group of our boutique staff. The team has worked with an agile approach which has been crucial for us to quickly go from idea to deployment. We had the idea in November in 2019, launched the first MVP in January and beta tested it with users in France and the US"

Innovative apps from Cartier

In-store app empowers sales associates and enhances customer experience

Cartier wanted to unlock sales capacity and create a mobile-first experience for employees to improve the experience of customers in their stores. The solution was a mobile app designed specifically for sales associates, enabling them to serve customers anywhere in the store (or remote!), with instant access to the assortment of Cartier's unique creations and stock information.

App guides customers through the selection of unique engagement rings

Cartier wanted to make the task of finding an engagement ring easier, and built an app that guided the bride and groom-to-be through their important decision. Within the app, they can browse through the global assortment and enjoy a guided journey that covers all the important details to think about when choosing (or creating) a wedding ring, so they can find the ring that fits their preferences the best.

Minisite secures brand experience and identity on 3rd party sites

Cartier wanted to provide their resellers with product information that is always updated on their digital destinations. They created a minisite concept that 3rd parties can embed on their sites to have product and campaign content updated in real time by the Cartier team. This ensures Cartiers' brand identity and they have total control over how their brand and products are portrayed on 3rd party sites. 

Cartier's Cord bar brings a fresh in-store experience to new customers

Cartier wanted to create a personalized experience for new customers, so they created a new point of sale in-store called the Cord bar, and built an app for store assistants to guide the client through their design and selection. Within the app, store assistants can browse through the full range of bracelet colours and charms, incorporating information about their clients personal style so they can find the Cord that suits them best.

How Occtoo's Experience Data Platform has enabled Cartier

With Occtoo's Experience Data Platform the digital team now have instant access to all types of experience data (Product data, customer data, transactional data etc.) from all backend systems. This means they can operate more independently from their IT department, and instead lean on the agencies that have been brought on by themselves to build digital experiences. This makes them not only more autonomous but also much faster to market. They can now act on market opportunities quickly and don't need to execute based on plans set 24 months ago but can work agile and proactively in tune with the market to innovate the customer experience at rapid speed. 

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