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Companies building digital experiences with Occtoo

E-commerce/web experiences

Find Your Watch service from Cartier guides clients in choosing their perfect timepiece

Cartier launched a new watch finder feature on their eCommerce site which enables visitors to sort and filter their ideal watch based on materials, shape, design, movement, and price range.

Cartier launches new eCommerce feature to help clients filter through their fragrance collection

Cartier launched a new fragrance finder feature on their eCommerce site which enables visitors to filter through Cartier's collection based on their ideal fragrance traits.

Axel Arigato unify and deliver real-time data to their E-commerce platform

Axel Arigato needed to unlock data from their PIM system, their ERP and their CMS, and deliver all relevant data to Brink Commerce - their E-commerce platform.

Outfit International launches E-commerce sites for brands Härkila and Seeland

To improve customer experience, Outfit International launched two new e-commerce sites for their two leading hunting brands: Seeland and Härkila. 

Cartier's app offers guided selling of their engagement ring assortment

Cartier decided to make the complex task of buying engagement and wedding rings easier, so built an app that guides the bride and groom through their important decision

Mips create Press site with directory of brand assets and promotional material

Mips wanted to reduce the time that their team spent manually uploading and sending product information to the press.

MQ Marqet's B2B E-commerce helps business clients find and buy quality uniforms

MQ Marqet had identified a unique opportunity to expand into the B2B segment. They launched a unique B2B site tailored to sell quality uniforms to business professionals.

Härkila improves product pages to increase sales

Hunting brand Härkila revamped their category and product pages to drive new sales in their own e-commerce channel as well as in their reseller partner network.

In-store digitalization

Axel Arigato launches in-store screens to give access to long tail assortment

By using the in-store ordering solution from Touchtech, Axel Arigato does not have to display their products in every color and size in each store. Occtoo's Experience Data Platform was used to access and unify the necessary data needed for the digital screens to run smoothly.

Cartier's in-store mobile app empowers sales associates to deliver world-class customer experience

Cartier wanted to unlock sales capacity and create a mobile-first experience for their sales associates, so they could serve clients anywhere in the store (or even remote!)

MQ Marqet digitalize their fitting room to improve customer experience

MQ Marqet wanted to modernize a traditional and important part of the store experience. They added digital screens in the fitting room so customers can ping store associates or read more about the garments they are trying on. 

Cartier's Cord bar combines digital innovation and in-store service for a unique personalized experience

Cartier wanted to create a personalized experience for new customers, so they created a new point of sale in-store called the Cord bar, and built an app for store assistants to guide the client through their design and selection. 

Partner experiences

Intersport shares product content with their global organization with ease

Intersport decided to invest in PartnerZone from Occtoo, a content hub where team members instantly can access materials such as campaign videos, product content data etc.

Fenix Outdoor create portal for brand partners to access relevant content and increase efficiency

Fenix Outdoor wanted to make it easier and more efficient for both internal and external resellers to preorder and reorder products so they created a self-service customer portal

ICANIWILL speed up the delivery of brand content to resellers

ICANIWILL needed a platform that could unify data from multiple sources and hold information for their full product range along with marketing assets, and also provide insights on which assets were being used by their retailer network.

Mips uses content portal to share assets with partners

Mips needed a content portal for their partners to access the latest product information and marketing assets 


MQ Marqet use feeds to expand to Zalando marketplace

The Zalando API is known to be tricky to work with and implementation takes time, but with feeds from Occtoo, MQ Marqet were quickly up and running.

Employee experiences

Nordic Nest's custom app NestDesk improves the omnichannel experience

A customer service app was developed to equip team members in customer service and in the stores with instant and unified information about customers and their orders, from different sources, such as: the customer service portal, order management system and ERP.

Occtoo is an important piece of the puzzle for our continued growth journey, as we need to become better at using the existing data we have about the customer to build an even better experience

Bank Bergström, Chief Executive Officer

Nordic Nest

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How we reimagined the customer experience tech stack with Occtoo

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