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Companies building digital experiences with Occtoo

Selected experiences

With Occtoo's unified experience data and Experience APIs, customers have been able to build new applications and relevant experiences with lightning speed.

Cartier's in-store mobile app empowers sales associates to deliver world-class customer experience

Cartier wanted to unlock sales capacity and create a mobile-first experience for their sales associates, so they could serve clients anywhere in the store (or even remote!)

Fenix Outdoor create portal for brand partners to access relevant content and increase efficiency

Fenix Outdoor wanted to make it easier and more efficient for both internal and external resellers to preorder and reorder products so they created a self-service customer portal

Cartier's app offers guided selling of their engagement ring assortment

Cartier decided to make the complex task of buying engagement and wedding rings easier, so built an app that guides the bride and groom through their important decision

Nordic Nest's customer service app improves customer experience

A customer service app was developed to equip team members with instant and unified information about customers and their orders, from different sources, such as: the customer service portal, order management system and ERP.

Fjällräven makes it possible to design your own Kånken backpack

Fjällräven decided to make it possible for customers to create their unique and personal Kånken. They developed a configurator available at the Kånken Me campaign page. 

ICANIWILL speed up the delivery of brand content to resellers

ICANIWILL needed a platform that could unify data from multiple sources and hold information for their full product range along with marketing assets, and also provide insights on which assets were being used by their retailer network.

From idea to the first MVP it took us 30 days. We would not have been able to launch the app with such short time to market without Occtoo

Justin Boisseranc, Digital Product Manager


What customers have accomplished with Occtoo

4 x

faster to market

5 x

less time and money spent on integration

4 x

more initiatives launched from CX roadmap


How we reimagined the customer experience tech stack with Occtoo

With our game-changing Experience Data Platform, we have flipped some old truths around how digital experiences are built. In this blog post, our CTO Jimmy Ekbäck, explains why unified data and real-time Experience APIs should be core in the stack for anyone wanting to build customer experiences with speed and at scale.

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