Blondie is a strategy and creative agency working with Fashion and Luxury Houses on digital projects. They are now partnering with Occtoo to support brands to amplify their uniqueness through digital services and experiences.

Blondie was founded to create beautiful and innovative experiences in the world of fashion, beauty and luxury in Paris in 2010, now found in Stockholm, Shanghai and Tokyo. Since Blondie’s inception over a decade ago, the company leverage their expertise in strategy, design and technology to deliver digital experiences that creates value both for the end user and the brand.  

Occtoo’s cloud-native Experience Data Platform empowers digital teams to craft and deliver digital experiences/applications swiftly by easily unifying content with customer and context data into unique datasets that’s made available by real-time APIs to any frontend or channel. By significantly reducing time to market for new experiences, digital teams are empowered to shift their focus from data integration to creative initiatives, thus driving both innovation and efficiency in addition to adding unique differentiation to their brand experience. 

Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform is a technology that truly enables brands to craft unique digital experiences both fast and cost-effective. It is a powerful tool that enables companies to easily access and combine their data and spend more time and energy on the creative ideas and efforts that brings differentiation and actual value to the customers and company. We are delighted to start this partnership. – Stefan Ilkovics, Co-founder at Blondie

We have worked with the team at Blondie on several digital projects where they have proven their expertise in creating unique amplification of a brand through digital services and experiences. We look forward to deepen our collaboration to help more clients succeed with their digital ambitions. – Niclas Mollin, CEO and Co-founder at Occtoo 

Are you interested in partnering up with Occtoo to build digital experiences faster and increase value for your customers using our Experience Data Platform? Please reach out!

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