Founded with a belief that technology and commerce benefit from being discussed together, and that solutions and processes should be drawn on the same whiteboard, Partnersense is a leading digital commerce agency in Sweden. Combining brilliant people with cutting-edge technology, the Partnersense network includes experienced process and business developers, project managers, solution architects, requirements specialists and developers, who are instrumental in developing and implementing solutions in e-commerce, product information and customer communication.

Partnersense has now joined hands with Occtoo to support businesses in achieving innovation-led customer experiences through Occtoo’s low cost, low risk Experience Data Platform.

Occtoo significantly reduces time to market when building new experiences and enables digital teams to spend more time being creative and innovating the customer experience, and less time and money integrating data between different platforms. With Occtoo’s cloud-native Experience Data Platform, client teams can build digital experiences and applications faster by easily unifying content with customer and context data from backend systems (PIM, CRM, ERP etc.) into unique datasets that are made available by real-time APIs to any frontend or channel.  

With this new partnership, Partnersense will deliver a stronger and a more enhanced value proposition to their customers and future-proof clients’ technology stack, enabling them to quickly test new ideas and adapt to customer needs.  

It's not efficient for anyone to spend 80% of your project budget on commodity functions like moving data between different databases. Occtoo let us spend less time on the backend complexity and focus more on the real customer experience. - Adán Hultgren , Co-Founder - Partnersense  

Given the current market scenario of economic turmoil, it is highly significant that strong players come together to deliver a future-proof solution. We appreciate that Partnersense want to include Occtoo in their offering to deliver digital experience solution that can stand the test of time. - Niclas Mollin, CEO and Co-founder - Occtoo

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About Occtoo

Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform used by digital teams at retailers and brands such as Cartier, Fjällräven and Nordic Nest to build unified relevant digital experiences and applications at rapid speed. Occtoo’s cloud-native SaaS platform makes it easy to access and unify enterprise data from backend systems such as CRM, ERP, PIM, etc. and combine it with behavioral and contextual data from digital destinations to create relevant digital experiences that can be deployed in any channel or frontend through scalable real-time APIs. Occtoo was founded in 2019 and is MACH certified by the MACH Alliance.

About Partnersense

Partnersense was founded with a belief that technology and commerce benefit from being discussed together, and that solutions and processes should be drawn on the same whiteboard. Partnersense has cutting-edge expertise in developing and implementing solutions within e-commerce, product information and customer communication. 

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