Emporix provides an enterprise-grade digital commerce platform that manages advanced commerce in B2B and B2C and enables more profitable and efficient commerce through making process insights actionable. Emporix allows companies to serve any kind of touchpoints in a consistent way, integrate best-of-breed capabilities, and enable agile development. This is enabled through a cloud-native architecture based on headless microservices and an API-first approach.

Emporix will now partner with Occtoo to help joint customers build digital experiences faster and more cost-effectively using Occtoo's Experience Data Platform.

Occtoo significantly reduces time to market when building new experiences and enables digital teams to spend more time being creative and innovating the customer experience, and less time and money integrating data between different platforms. With Occtoo’s cloud-native Experience Data Platform, client teams can build digital experiences and applications faster by easily unifying content with customer and context data from backend systems (PIM, CRM, ERP etc.) into unique datasets that are made available by real-time APIs to any frontend or channel.

The two MACH Alliance certified companies aim to deliver best-in-class solutions and orchestrate the best-of-breed technology to further support and strengthen their joint customers in building a future-proof, resilient and advanced tech capabilities through this partnership. 

“Using MACH architecture, businesses can build their unique digital commerce platforms and craft sophisticated, unique digital experiences and business processes. We are happy to partner with Occtoo to support customers with our joint expertise in this space.” — Eberhardt Weber, CEO & Co-founder, Emporix

“We are excited about our partnership with Emporix, and to use our combined expertise to show retailers and brands the power of composable commerce. I believe 2023 will be a game changer for brands in the way they currently design and deliver their digital experiences using MACH architecture.” – Niclas Mollin, CEO & Co-founder, Occtoo.

Partner with Occtoo

About Occtoo

Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform used by digital teams at retailers and brands such as Cartier, Fjällräven and Nordic Nest to build unified relevant digital experiences and applications at rapid speed. Occtoo’s cloud-native SaaS platform makes it easy to access and unify enterprise data from backend systems such as CRM, ERP, PIM, etc. and combine it with behavioral and contextual data from digital destinations to create relevant digital experiences that can be deployed in any channel or frontend through scalable real-time APIs. Occtoo was founded in 2019 and is MACH certified by the MACH Alliance.

About Emporix 

Emporix is a Digital Commerce Platform that manages advanced commerce for both B2B and B2C with state-of-the-art composable commerce architecture. Emporix has the revolutionary commerce capability to make insights actionable through the Commerce Execution Platform. Emporix was founded in 2015 and is a certified member of the MACH Alliance.

Contact information

For further inquiries contact Katarina Nilsson, CMO at Occtoo, katarina.nilsson@occtoo.com.