Contentstack is a pioneering API-first, headless CMS technology company that accelerates and simplifies content management across today's and tomorrow's digital channels, including web, mobile and IoT.

Occtoo is now partnering with Contentstack to further support joint customers in building digital experiences faster and more cost-effectively using Contentstack’s CMS and Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform.   

Famous for its Care Without Compromise™ program, Contentstack has the industry’s highest customer satisfaction and advocates for open and composable technology that is Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless. The company has previously worked with global brands such as Chase, Express, Holiday Inn, Icelandair, Mattel, McDonald’s, Mitsubishi, Riot Games, Sephora, and Shell.

Together, Contentstack and Occtoo envision to empower companies to gain maximum agility, flexibility and resiliency through the MACH (Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native Saas and Headless) approach of managing content, data and digital experiences.    

We are thrilled to have Occtoo joining our Catalyst program and ecosystem. Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform offers a unique approach for customers seeking an aggressive digital disruption. When combined with Contentstack’s agile content management system, the solutions enable digital leaders to break down silos and fuel up their creative ideas/initiatives like never before,” said Peter Fogelsanger, VP of Partnerships and Enablement, Contentstack. We love to create and be part of such tech-symbiosis environments, where two innovation-led companies can empower each other and in turn benefit their clients by offering a strong and unique digital value-proposition,”  he added. 

With Occtoo’s cloud-native Experience Data Platform, digital teams can build digital experiences and applications faster by easily unifying content with customer and context data into unique datasets that is made available by real-time APIs to any frontend or channel. This significantly reduces time to market when building new experiences and enables digital teams to spend more time being creative with data and less time and money integrating data between different platforms.   

Content is king and Contentstack’s API-first, MACH approach towards ensuring that marketers from across companies, organizations and brands get the best value-proposition out of every bit of content they own is what makes the company a real disrupter and game-changer in the market. We are extremely excited for this partnership and to be part of their Catalyst program, as together we are at the forefront of advocating composable approach thus making digital teams autonomous in building next-level customer experiences.”– Niclas Mollin, CEO and Co-founder, Occtoo.  

Both organizations are members of MACH Alliance and advocate best-of-breed, headless MACH technologies. 

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About Occtoo

Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform used by digital teams at retailers and brands such as Cartier, Fjällräven and Nordic Nest to build unified relevant digital experiences and applications at rapid speed. Occtoo’s cloud-native SaaS platform makes it easy to access and unify enterprise data from backend systems such as CRM, ERP, PIM, etc. and combine it with behavioral and contextual data from digital destinations to create relevant digital experiences that can be deployed in any channel or frontend through scalable real-time APIs. Occtoo was founded in 2019 and is MACH certified by the MACH Alliance.  

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