MACH Alliance certified members, Occtoo and Patchworks are now joining hands with the aim of helping customers harness top-tier technology solutions to achieve digital sophistication and agility, particularly in enhancing customer experiences and removing data-related barriers. Patchworks is a leading integration platform that connects core business applications – whether that’s an ecommerce platform, warehouse software, ERP, 3PL, or anything in between. By automating the flow of data across the business, Patchworks eliminates the need for manual data entry – giving the freedom to scale without overwhelming an organization’s operations.

Occtoo's Experience Data Platform, a cloud-native SaaS solution, simplifies the process of accessing and consolidating enterprise data from backend systems like CRM, ERP, PIM, and more. This data is seamlessly integrated with behavioral and contextual information from digital sources, enabling the creation of personalized digital experiences deployable across various channels and frontends via scalable real-time APIs.

The two companies have now come together with a shared vision, aiming to clear the path for their mutual customers to unlock and attain exceptional success in the digital space. Through this collaboration, Occtoo and Patchworks aim to support their mutual clients to craft speedy and exceptional digital customer experiences, thus delivering extraordinary results. This partnership aims to unleash the full potential of digital customer experience, leading to increased revenue, heightened customer satisfaction, an enhanced brand reputation, and greater brand loyalty for joint customers. 

Our partnership with Occtoo is an absolute game-changer. Working together means we're not just connecting dots; we're revolutionising efficiency and turbocharging connectivity for our clients. The beauty lies in the shared solutions we're bringing to the table - seamless, scalable, and tailored to help our shared merchants grow. - Jim Herbert, CEO of Patchworks

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Patchworks, as we both hold a common vision for our clients - to empower them to expand while improving efficiency and reducing costs. This collaboration will enhance their productivity and agility by providing endlessly scalable integrations and solutions. Together, we're charting a course toward elevated digital offerings for our valued customers. - Niclas Mollin, CEO and Co-founder at Occtoo

Are you interested in partnering up with Occtoo to build digital experiences faster and increase value for your customers using our Experience Data Platform? Please reach out!

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About Occtoo: Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform used by digital teams at retailers and brands such as Cartier, Fjällräven and Nordic Nest to build unified relevant digital experiences and applications at rapid speed. Occtoo’s cloud-native SaaS platform makes it easy to access and unify enterprise data from backend systems such as CRM, ERP, PIM, etc. and combine it with behavioral and contextual data from digital destinations to create relevant digital experiences that can be deployed in any channel or frontend through scalable real-time APIs. Occtoo was founded in 2019 and is MACH certified by the MACH Alliance.

About Patchworks: Patchworks is an integration platform for retail and e-commerce businesses. Use a powerful, user-friendly platform to connect the core business applications, such as the e-commerce platform, warehouse software, ERP, 3PL, or anything in between. It connects key eCommerce systems, such as storefronts like Shopify and BigCommerce, ERPs, CRMs, and fulfilment solutions, allowing retailers to simplify technology stack integration. Patchworks eliminates the need for manual data entry by automating the flow of data across the business, allowing it to scale without overwhelming the operations. Patchworks is trusted by retailers and brands such as; Gynmshark, Huel, Belstaff, Trinny London, BareMinerals, Seraphine, Lyle & Scott and many more. You can find out more at

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