Touchtech is a strategic and integrated technology platform of digital sales tools that makes shopping more captivating, efficient, and personal through bold initiatives and cutting-edge technology.

Occtoo offers an Experience Data Platform that supports digital teams to get instant access to all necessary experience data from backend systems such as CRM, PIM, ERP etc so they can combine it and build new digital experiences fit for any channel. This shortens time to market and enables companies to provide customers with more relevant experiences based on combinations of customer, content and context data through highly scalable real-time APIs. 

Touchtech is now partnering with Occtoo to offer its joint customers the various benefits of Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform. Occtoo's headless Experience Data Platform in combination with Touchtech's endless isle solutions will open up the opportunity for large and small players in retail to easily and cost-effectively begin their digital transformation journey. Renowned brand Axel Arigato will be the first joint customer to use the overall combined solution.

To put it simply, Occtoo acts like an "octopus in the middle", an Experience Data Platform that collects and manages experience data, moves and integrates data points in a highly efficient way. A unified hub also helps to reduce the risk of ending up in a web of complex, non-integrated in-house developed systems. In Touchtech, we have found a technical partner that helps to strengthen the final output both physically and digitally and create a "figital" environment that massively improves sales and customer experiences.” says Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO and Co-founder, Occtoo. 

Occtoo’s partnership with Touchtech will provide a future-proof endless-aisle solution for retail players, who can take advantage of the technology in both online and in a physical store environment. The two Swedish companies aim to help bridge the gap between physical and digital to contribute to the digital transformation in retail. 

The digital transformation for retail has only just begun. We want to do all that what we can to help the industry on that journey and look beyond traditional silos that separate e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. We can do that through this kind of technical collaboration with Occtoo. Axel Arigato is a concrete example of how a genuine omnichannel solution contributes to strengthening both customer experience and business values. - Deniz Chaban, CEO Touchtech. 

By partnering with Occtoo, Touchtech's offering will be strengthened and become even more scalable to be implemented in organizations regardless of size. The partnership opens up access to a cost-effective, seamless and simple digital endless-aisle solution, our hope is that more retailers can afford to start the digital transformation journey.

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Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform used by digital teams at retailers and brands such as Cartier, Fjällräven and Nordic Nest to build unified relevant digital experiences and applications at rapid speed. Occtoo’s cloud-native SaaS platform makes it easy to access and unify enterprise data from backend systems such as CRM, ERP, PIM, etc. and combine it with behavioral and contextual data from digital destinations to create relevant digital experiences that can be deployed in any channel or frontend through scalable real-time APIs. Occtoo was founded in 2019 and is MACH certified by the MACH Alliance.  

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