To win market share and retain customers in today’s highly competitive, digital-first landscape, retailers and brands must deliver a strong unified digital experience: with contextual relevance and customer experience at the forefront of their business.

In this article, I introduce the new kid in the stack; The Experience Data Platform, and outline how it enables you to leverage your existing CX data, resulting in a highly competitive customer experience.

What is an Experience Data Platform?

An Experience Data Platform unifies data and assets from CRM, PIM, DAM, ERP and other backend systems with behavioural and contextual data from digital destinations. All this data is instantly available for digital teams to create real-time APIs, without having any coding skills: meaning they can build new digital experiences for any channel at lightning speed and with lower cost. This means your organisation can build digital experiences faster.

An Experience Data Platform is data type, and data model agnostic. Examples of data you can instantly access and combine are:

Customer data: Age, address, purchase, gender, size etc
Product assets: Brand assets, product images, campaign assets
Context data: Location, device, weather, category, price range etc

Customer + Product + Context

How does it work?

When working with digital customer experience, you work with a lot of different data. You have enterprise data that you create and store in internal backend systems such as ERP, PIM, DAM, CRM, etc, as well as contextual and behavioural data being created in your external digital destinations. An Experience Data Platform takes this enterprise data, combines it and turns it into experience data, ready to be fuelled into a frontend and digital channel in real-time. 

You can view Occtoo documentation here.

With instant access to all data in your Experience Data Platform you can pick and choose the assets you need to deliver a new digital experience with just a few clicks. Simply choose your assets and create a purpose-built API (without any coding skills needed) that utilises the specific combination of data a frontend developer needs to build a new digital experience or application.

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With these real-time APIs, these new combined data sets are fuelled into an experience in milliseconds, on a global scale, creating zero friction in the customer experience. This task is impossible with your existing backend systems, because making tens of thousands of API calls per second will cause the systems to fall over and render the data inaccessible.

Occtoo in the stack. The Experience Data PlatformThe Experience Data Platform is the missing piece in your unified experience stack. It that enables you to unify and activate your enterprise data and turn it into experience data in a frontend.

Experience data is a key differentiator in a world driven by CX

To succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape, it’s becoming increasingly important to use your data to adapt to changing customer behaviours. 

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Ecommerce is the fastest-growing source of sales for product-driven organizations, especially post Covid-19. When potential customers visit your digital destinations there is no physical person taking care of or acting as a guide in the customer journey, so it becomes all about how you manage to use your data: behavioural and contextual data, in combination with your content, product, transactional, and customer data is what makes up your digital customer experience. 

It’s the capability to use, combine and scale your CX data into relevant digital experiences that will define the winners going forward. Investing in this capability is your best bet.
Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO and co-founder at Occtoo

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The Occtoo Experience Data Platform supports you in launching 4x as many digital experiences

Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform built to support businesses in creating new relevant digital customer experiences with speed and scale. We help digital teams move into a new state, where they spend less time integrating and moving data, and more time being creative and innovating with data - shipping more digital initiatives to the market. 

Our customers tell us that Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform gives their unified customer experiences and speed of app development a major boost. By using Occtoo they can re-use and re-purpose data across channels, quickly building a powerful and up-to-date data pool. They feel empowered working directly with the data needed for customer experience innovation.

So, if you’re drowning in endless streams of data, and sifting through multiple data silos to bring together a unified data experience, whilst discarding behavioural context, stop! It’s time to add an Experience Data Platform to your stack.

With Occtoo, digital leaders at companies such as Cartier, Fjällräven, and Nordic Nest have been able to deploy 4x more initiatives from their CX roadmap, re-use data across their digital experiences and spend less time and money on integration and more on customer innovation.

Are you ready to 4x the amount of digital experiences you can launch? 

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About Occtoo

Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform that supports retailers and brands to build relevant digital experiences and applications at rapid speed. Occtoo’s SaaS platform makes it easy to access and unify enterprise data from backend systems such as CRM, ERP, PIM, etc. and combine it with behavioural and contextual data to create relevant digital experiences that can be deployed in any channel or frontend in real-time at a global scale. Occtoo was founded in 2019 and proudly includes Cartier, Fjällräven, and Nordic Nest on their customer list.Occtoo illustration data flow

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