This article is a first introduction for CX professionals about to get started with the Occtoo Experience Data Platform.

One of our great missions here at Occtoo is enabling our community – the Occtoo family, partners & customers as they create the next era of customer experiences. The impossible is now possible and innovation will thrive where there before was none.

The coolest part with this change in this new era of innovation is that it will be led by people that don’t consider themselves developers (Democratization). API-driven businesses model will enable low-code implementations and give superpowers to junior developers or people who don’t consider themselves developers at all. Eventually almost everyone working with data will be considered a programmer, but our definition of programmer will expand to fit a much broader range of activities.

For brands and agencies, this ‘appification’ of the world represents an unprecedented canvas for creativity. Customer experiences can be crafted across a variety of digital touch-points, a suite of apps and micro-apps all working in concert to amaze and delight.

Why the Occtoo family is so strong

At Occtoo, we strongly believe in building a collaborative community, helping, and inspiring each other to be better. Our purpose is to release the innovation from within our community, and to celebrate this we have created a hashtag #builtwithOcctoo and a gallery on the Occtoo website to showcases all great apps enabled by the Occtoo platform.

We don´t believe in a proprietary approach or solving everything in a black box. If a monolithic black box approach is the chosen path, all innovation/ideas must be built by the software company´s own teams, and it is impossible to scale out or to get help from a creative SaaS community. We all now know that this model does not scale (yet is surprisingly still used) and will ultimately break under its own weight because it cannot be maintained nor sustained.

With an API-first approach, Occtoo customers & partners have the freedom to bring their own frontends and implement service endpoints (Occtoo Destinations), purpose-built to exactly match the needs of their UI/UX on top of the Occtoo unified Experience data (Occtoo Segments). For us, this is a fantastic thing that our great developer community is involved in, creating business value for our customers. A great example of this is our customer Cartier together with our partner Born Group. Together they have used Occtoo to create a stellar App universe to ensure the Cartier digital customer experience matches the quality of 170 years of accumulative expertise and exquisite service given in their 300 retail stores.

What does it actually mean for the Occtoo family – To turn Enterprise data into Experience data?

The data asset needed to build a relevant experience, resides in enterprise data silos: transactional data in ERP, product data in PIM, customer data in CRM, etc. This data must be unified to build new digital experiences also combined with insight data collected and used as situational data (geo- or demographic data). Based on this data being unified and available in real-time the data-points within an experience can change to match the exact need or intent in any given micro-moment, creating true customer value in an experience (the mechanics of last milli-second relevance). You can read more about this in our blog, Why digitally leading brands are moving their CX data to an Experience state.

This is Occtoo, giving digital teams with little or no coding skills, instant access to all their data: moving away from high-risk, costly and time-consuming integration projects, and providing frontend teams with easy to consume experience data and the ability to build contextually reactive experiences acting on data in real-time. This new approach will empower digital teams to focus on building a great experience for the customers and not looking for where the data is stored.

Our customers tell us that when their digital teams have this data at their fingertips, easy to access and re-purpose, it gives their app innovation and unified customer experiences a major boost. They feel empowered working directly with the data needed for frontend innovation. Gone are the days when they had to hear things like: "Wait in line for your turn......look at our roadmap, we are swamped with back-end work and testing".

The impossible is now possible in this new state. The digital teams can execute and innovate at scale and spend more time being creative with data and improving the customer experience in every context. It’s time to make the enterprise data easily available so digital teams can be truly creative with it and turn it into experience data to deliver customer experiences that are relevant, optimized and unified.

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