Wow, it’s hard to believe that we’re in September of 2021, and Occtoo has already grown to a team of 35 across 9 countries and 17 different locations!  

In 2019, we set out with the ambitious goal of building a fully remote, global company, and establishing an organisation of aspiring, dynamic team members across multiple locations - and boy has it been a journey so far! 

Occtoo is a young and ambitious SaaS company, and we have taken the first steps in creating a progressive and global workplace fit for a modern lifestyle. 

We thrive on creating customer value and innovation and want to attract the best hearts and minds in terms of team members, customers, and partners. This has guided us in the design of this company since day 1. I am beyond proud of the talented team members that have already decided to join us in creating the modern workplace we want Occtoo to be.  

When we started Occtoo we wanted to build a company that put people first   

The modern workplace is about your people, and I believe digital collaboration and continuous learning, combined with ambitious goals and a strong focus on work-life harmony is key to the success of our people and our business. 

To build a successful company you should build upon three key factors: Empowered employees, operational agility, and business resilience. We believe our global and remote-first setup provides employees with a lot of freedom and opportunity to design their life in a way that fits them. This approach will better equip us to act fast and/or change paths when we see new opportunities. A team of people with work-life harmony located all around the world adds to the resilience of our business. 

The opportunity to work fully remote opens doors for our company and means we can connect with the most amazing people in multiple countries. Our team is in collaboration with people across the world: team members, customers, and partners alike.  

The 2021 Technologist Sentiment Report from Dice, found that technologists prefer hybrid and 100% remote options over working full-time in an office. Less than one in five technologists (17%) find working in the office full-time to be extremely or very desirable, compared to 59% for both 100% remote and hybrid approaches. The professionals in our industry prefer this setup and I am glad it’s in our DNA at Occtoo.   

“We thrive on creating customer value and innovation, and we want to attract the best hearts and minds in terms of team members, customers, and partners.”


We are remote-first, but not remote only 

For most of us, working fully remote is quite the change to our previous work experience, and it’s not without its challenges. We know it’s critical to ensure our team understands how important it is to communicate. It’s in everyone’s interest to stay up to date and talk to other team members because Occtoo is a place where personal leadership is an important ingredient for success.  

As a company we do daily stand-ups within teams, weekly company breaks disconnected from the business, and monthly ‘All hands’ for company-wide updates.  

The plan before Covid was to have work-cations in different countries for the team to meet in real life. I hope we can start doing that soon. 😊  

The opportunity to meet colleagues on a regular basis is an important part of building relationships, but we want to reimagine how and when we do so. When we meet it’s for socializing and doing collaborative creative work, rather than executing the everyday crunching.  

“Rather than investing in buildings, we invest in people.” 


We want our people to get the balance right 

Life is about more than work and true work-life harmony means finding a nice balance between all aspects of life - work, family, and yourself. For us, an outcome-based culture is more important than the time spent at a computer.  

When I speak to our team members about how they perceive our setup at Occtoo they say things like ...

“I was very curious about the opportunity to work remotely with an ambitious company. When I first met the team, I was amazed by the company culture - warm, intelligent, fun people. It made me realize that it’s with these champions that I want to build my career and succeed with.” - Nadya Bouaouich

and ...

“We have a company culture that others dream of. I'm both given and feel great trust in the team. Every day is an opportunity to continuously develop new skills. The freedom to be able to work from anywhere gives me peace in the everyday puzzle. That means more energy and fun workdays.” - Veronica Lundberg


Supporting each other to success is at the core of our culture 

We want our culture to be friendly, approachable, and highly collaborative. We care about what drives you both inside and outside of work. We create Champions and we want to support everyone that is involved with Occtoo in any way to champion their mission. Our people should always have the opportunity to grow with the business.   

If we can support a person working for a client, partner, or within our own company to get recognition for what they have achieved then we’ve created a champion moment. Because behind a title, an app, or a brand there is always a person that worked hard for that success and supportive people behind them.  


What’s next for us? 

We’re in a major growth phase here at Occtoo, in December 2020 we secured substantial seed funding from investors, and we’re looking to employ more great minds to join us on this exciting journey.  

Check out our open vacancies and take the next step in your career. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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