As digital businesses evolve rapidly, success hinges on the dynamic partnership between marketing's agility and IT's stability. As businesses navigate the rise of AI, machine learning, and predictive tech, the key to triumph lies in a seamlessly orchestrated digital strategy. But here's the catch – it's not just about planning; it's about unlocking the magic that happens when IT and digital teams join forces as an unstoppable, innovative powerhouse. Buckle up as we explore the missing link that transforms potential weaknesses into strengths, propelling organizations into the forefront of the digital era. Welcome to the future of collaboration, where Occtoo's Experience Data Platform becomes the catalyst for a revolution in IT and digital synergy. 

Much like how sales and marketing teams leverage smart and sophisticated software solutions like Hubspot, Salesforce etc to streamline their operations and drive revenue, IT and digital teams are now presented with a similar opportunity through Occtoo's Experience Data Platform.  

Let’s explore how Digital and IT teams can join forces and deliver quick results that do not cost a fortune. 

Occtoo – the missing link 

Traditionally, the two departments have operated independently, with IT handling infrastructure and systems while  digital  focusing on the customer experience. However, the modern business landscape demands a more integrated approach and Occtoo's Experience Data Platform acts as a catalyst for collaboration between IT and digital teams.  

Establishing a common ground where IT and digital teams quickly can build a new digital experience for any channel with unified product content, customer data or 3rd party data is the foundation that Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform can provide. 

This shared superpower eliminates the need for constant back-and-forth communication between the two teams and ensures that both teams are working with the most up-to-date and accurate data. Unifying your experience data into one place means you no longer need to move data between databases/systems and data models that aren’t built to fit together. A task that risks diluting your data takes a lot of time and needs long-term maintenance. This is the time and effort that both teams can save and rather use it to work on other initiatives instead of just implementing similar data integrations repeatedly.

Occtoo in the stack. The Experience Data Platform

IT and Digital are the new Marketing and Sales 

Furthermore, just as marketing software enhances automation and efficiency for sales and marketing teams, Occtoo's Experience Data Platform streamlines processes for IT and digital collaboration.  

  • By automating data unification, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of errors, you can increase efficiency which means faster project delivery, improved agility, and a more responsive approach to the dynamic demands of the digital landscape. 
  • Another key advantage that marketing softwares provide to sales and marketing teams together is the ability to personalize and optimize customer interactions. This is achieved through data-driven insights that help tailor marketing strategies to individual preferences and behaviors. Similarly, an Experience Data Platform empowers IT and digital teams to leverage customer data for a more personalized and effective digital experience, making it a win-win situation for both teams. 
  • Additionally, the IT teams can keep control over the data while easily giving the digital team access to the data they need to develop new digital experiences 


In conclusion, Occtoo's Experience Data Platform isn't just a data platform; it's the catalyst that fuses IT and digital departments. Streamlining collaboration and unlocking their combined potential, it propels organizations into the future. To stay relevant, recognizing the transformative power of IT and digital collaboration is crucial. With Occtoo's tool in hand, organizations leap into a realm where each customer's experience is uniquely crafted. No more hesitating on seizing micro-moments like Valentine's Day or Spouse-day—digital and IT teams are now in sync, steering the organization towards unparalleled success. 

You can begin today! Get in touch and we’ll show you how!

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