Proud, excited and humble are feelings that comes to mind when we summarize our first six months. We could not imagine starting off 2021 in a better way than we did. We started the year with an amazing team of 14 people and had just closed our seed round of €2.1M in December. With the investment we wanted to continue to press the gas, and so we have done!

For all number loving SaaS enthusiasts we’ll start off with the hard facts! Since December up until today we see: 

MRR growth: 100% (it took us just about 6 months to double our MRR!)
Team growth: 114% - From 14 to 30 team members 🧡🤍🖤💙

Numbers in all its glory, but the most important thing to remember is they are the result of the hard work performed by all the people in our community. We are extremely proud over the people that have decided to believe in our mission at Occtoo, customers and team members alike!

Building a global community of progressive customers

When entering this year, we had already earned the trust from well-known brands such as Cartier, Fenix Outdoor, Intersport and Filippa K. We have had the pleasure continue to support them with their digital initiatives and have launched several new apps together, all powered by Occtoo's unified and Headless data and Experience APIs.

A few examples:

  • A specialized mobile app offering guided selling of Cartier's wedding ring assortment for the Japanese market
  • A B2B e-commerce store with Fenix Outdoor using dynamic content powered by Occtoo
  • A content portal for Filippa K to support them to easily share content with partners

We have also welcomed several new customers such as Nordic Nest, Tikkurila and ICANIWILL. All of them having high ambitions for their customer experience and digital initiatives. News about their new apps coming soon, from signing to deployment in rapid speed! Because if it’s one thing our customers tell us they appreciate, it is how fast they are able to build and launch new apps and experiences with Occtoo as part of their stack. If you have missed their stories we have some recommended summer reading for you!

Growing the Occtoo family - a true dream team

Our growing team is the one thing we are the proudest of. Since day 1 we’ve had the ambition to build a global, remote-first company that gathers the best minds regardless of location. A team that thrives on creating customer value and innovation and a company that can attract the best hearts and minds in terms of both team members and customers. We are so happy that the group of 14 people has grown into a family of 30, living all around the world. Today the Occtoo team tunes in from three continents, six countries and 13 different citys/locations. Add our customers to this mix and double that.

We have also had the pleasure to welcome several strong profiles to our extended family and advisory board, the latest being Moritz Zimmermann, founder of one of Europe’s first unicorns, Hybris. More to come on this topic!

Some accomplishments from the team we want to highlight:

  • The launch of a completely new website and brand platform that resonates with the modern company we are, and product we offer (Check it out!)
  • Taking giant leaps with our product 
  • The big responsibility everyone takes to nurture our culture of collaboration and inclusion while growing quickly

Thank you everyone for your strong efforts!

Enjoy your summer!

Occtoo founders,
Niclas Mollin, Jimmy Ekbäck and Daniel Brdarski

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