How luxury brands can build digital experiences faster than ever, without spending months on data integration!

A brief overview

Occtoo is currently working with several world-class luxury brands to unlock their data and empower their digital teams to deliver new, unified and highly relevant, omni-channel digital experiences. I see a common denominator time and time again amongst these customers, and that is the issue they had with lengthy data integrations when implementing new digital customer experiences.

In this blog, I explain how luxury brands can build digital experiences faster, without spending months on data integration! I also discussed this in our latest webinar which you can watch below.

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These are the four main challenges I see for luxury brands

You are serving the most demanding customers in the world. They are expecting high-end experience, and they wish to feel like they are getting something extra from your brand. With the constant growth of 'new' money, digitally savvy customers are emerging rapidly. New money is bringing new customers with new expectations. How do you balance out highly unique service, heritage and digital experience?

These are the four main challenges I see for luxury brands:

  1. Reinventing classic products and how you bring them to market
  2. Digitalizing experiences. Laying digital on top of your concierge boutique experience
  3. Retaining global relevance amongst more diverse customer segments
  4. Keeping up with modern changes in CX and digital, whilst always respecting the brand heritage

You have the opportunity to deliver exciting new niche experiences to your customers, but with a traditional approach to digital CX innovations, every project becomes an integration task. With that comes data silos and fixed mindsets. 

My 3 step recipe to faster CX projects

  1. Enable a holistic view on Experience data. Turn your Enterprise data (product, content, customer, context) into Experience data . Enable this data to be easily accessed and selected for each new front end experience.
  2. Stop wasting money on point-to-point integrations. Technology has evolved and there are new technologies like an Experience Data Platform to help you solve this issue. Unify silos to re-use data across channels and easily build new experiences.
  3. Challenge mindsets to unlock creativity. Yes, luxury brands should honour their traditional ways of doing things, but digital tools should be an additional asset to support the customer journey.

Embrace this mentality and combine the Occtoo Experience Data Platform to launch new ideas within weeks! 

With an Experience Data Platform you can instantly access and combine customer, content and context data from any source. Say goodbye to time-consuming and lengthy integrations!

An Experience Data Platform allows you to quickly combine customer, content and context data. Re-use data across channels and be relevant everywhere.

  • Minimise integration costs
  • Launch 4X faster
  • Build more relevant experiences

Cartier fast forwards customer experience innovation

Using Occtoo's Experience Data Platform, Cartier have launched a handful of new digital experiences in the form of apps and mini-sites. Here is what they said about Occtoo ...

From idea to the first MVP it took us 30 days. We would not have been able to launch an app with such a short time to market without Occtoo. - Justin Boisseranc, Digital Product Owner, Cartier.

We are doing a lot of creative innovation that requires data. If we had done it the traditional way our time to market would be at least 4 times slower. - Thomas Davis, Global Digital Operations Director, Cartier.

How Cartier built with Occtoo

About Occtoo 

Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform that supports retailers and brands to build relevant digital experiences and applications at rapid speed. Occtoo’s Cloud-Native platform makes it easy to access and unify enterprise data from backend systems such as CRM, ERP, PIM, etc. and combine it with behavioral and contextual data to create relevant digital experiences that can be deployed in any channel or frontend in real-time at a global scale. Occtoo was founded in 2019 and are certified by the MACH Alliance.

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