Occtoo’s SaaS-based Experience Data Platform has been declared as the winner of CMS Critic’s People’s Choice award for the category of ‘Best Digital Experience Composition’ for the year 2022. Each year, CMS Critic nominates the best platforms across various digital categories and the winners are chosen through a system of voting with the most popular platforms deemed as winners. 


Malmö, 6th March, 2023: Occtoo has bagged the 2022 most popular platform award for the newly emerging category of ‘Best Digital Experience Composition’. You can check the full list of winners here. Digital Experience Composition, a term introduced by Gartner, outlines how it enables brands and companies to leverage their existing data, resulting in a highly competitive customer experience. 

Digital Experience Composition is an emerging technology used to orchestrate multiple digital experiences in a headless, decoupled, composable tech stack. These tools provide API connectivity to headless services and allow developers to create digital experiences and hand the day-to-day management in no-code environments back to digital teams and business users. DXC helps marketers build new digital experiences using existing sources of data and content from within the organization. 

This technology has been available previously under other product names for approximately four years and has been promoted most prominently by Occtoo in the form of an Experience Data Platform. With Occtoo, digital leaders at companies such as Cartier, Fjällräven, and Nordic Nest have been able to deploy 4x more initiatives from their digital roadmap, re-use data across their digital experiences and spend less time and money on integration and more on customer innovation. 

We are very happy that Occtoo is recognized as the Best Digital Experience Composition as we are moving forward on our mission to support businesses in creating new relevant digital customer experiences with speed and scale. To be voted and chosen by majority of people as the best DXC is a big win for us and we are very proud of this achievement" says Niclas Mollin, CEO, Occtoo. 

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Katarina Nilsson, CMO at Katarinanilsson@occtoo.com 

About Occtoo  

Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform that helps digital teams create relevant customer experiences with speed. Occtoos API technology is the missing piece in a modern composable stack by easily connecting all data, content and APIs, enabling speed in the “idea-to-deployment” process and ability to quickly build new custom applications. Renowned brand such as Cartier, Intersport and Fjällräven trust Occtoo to orchestrate their digital experiences across channels. Occtoo was founded in 2019 and is a SaaS company with headquarters in Malmö. Read more at occtoo.com   

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